Why Patients Choose Our Office

The greatest endorsement we get is when a patient refers a friend or family member. We asked a few patients recently why they’d do so.

Some of the answers:

1. “The office is so clean! There’s definitely an elevated comfort level because that office is always spotless. It’s a very calming atmosphere, as well.”

2. “The technology is incredible. I always enjoy seeing how their “new toys” work for them and the doctor. They’re clearly deeply invested in knowing about and mastering the latest dental technologies.”

3. “Mary Ann and the rest of the front office are very knowledgeable about insurance questions. They are always willing to go the next step and figure out the things about my insurance that I can’t.”

4. “The office is very efficient. They run on time. At the same time, Dr Li and his team never rush me through. They always make me feel like I am their one and only patient.”

5. “They’re always letting us know about the classes that they attend, and the different ways they’re trying to better procedures and the office itself. Hygienists always explain what they are doing and why, which hasn’t been the case with other doctors I’ve been to.”