FAQ: Dental Products

If I use over-the-counter bleaching products, will they really work?

There are some instances when these products are able to work, but without being used under the supervision of a dentist – there may be potential problems that can occur.

These problems have to be fixed prior to using the products. The trays do not fit the mouth as well as a dentist tray would which means that damage to your teeth and gums are less likely to happen.

Why are my teeth sensitive to cold products?

The cause may be a number of things. Some just have more sensitive teeth than others, while sometimes it can be a cause from abrasions of the teeth, recession of the gum tissue, decay or metal restorations. Using toothpaste that has desensitizing properties in it or getting fillings can help with sensitivity.

Can I whiten my teeth using a whitening toothpaste?

These might not completely whiten the teeth, but it can reverse the effects that surface stains might have on the teeth. The change is minimal and might not actually change the shade of teeth completely.