FAQ: Child Dentistry

When should my child start wearing braces?

Every child is different when it comes to the treatment that they receive. Depending on the child, they may need to start something known as Stage 1 Treatment. This is usually done when the child is around 7 to 8 years of age in order to make the next stage, Stage 2, easier on the child.

Is it normal for my child’s adult teeth to look darker than their baby teeth?

It is normal for both teeth to be different colored. The darker color on the adult teeth is normal compared to baby teeth. They will not look so dark if they are not being compared to other teeth in the mouth. This is nothing to worry about.

When is a good time to brush my baby’s teeth?

Using a finger brush or even a wet washcloth to clean the baby’s gums before their first tooth comes in. Once the teeth do appear in the child’s mouth, a toothbrush made for a child should be used on their teeth.

If a baby tooth is decayed, should it be replaced or fixed?

Primary teeth are an important factor when it comes to maintaining space needed for adult teeth to come in. If a baby tooth falls out too early, the adult tooth might not have the necessary room to grow. If there is an abscess is present, it can also be associated with a decayed baby tooth affecting the adult tooth located underneath it which results in spots, staining or weakened enamel.

When do children generally lose their teeth?

Children generally will lose their teeth around 5 years old. The front teeth tend to be the ones that go first but it is not uncommon to see the adult teeth coming in under the baby teeth before they have fallen out. Children will continue to lose their teeth until they are 12-13.