5 Great Places in Pleasanton For Valentine’s Day Dinner

There are so many fantastic things about Pleasanton, we could write a dozen articles about them. In fact, we’ve probably written close to that many about our amazing community!

valentine's day dinner idea

Every Valentine’s Day, we’re reminded of another to add to the list: It’s a terrific place for a romantic dinner.

With that in mind, here are five of the places our patients recommend for a good romantic meal. Perhaps we’ll see you at one of these establishments on Valentine’s Day evening! 

Barone’s (475 St John St) 

Cozy, small and romantic, Barone’s makes for a great date night any time of year – so naturally, it’s a good Valentine’s Day destination. The food is good, the atmosphere is nice, and the service is almost always great. You can’t go wrong with their cocktails, either. Great place to snuggle up with a loved one! 

Lokanta (443 Main Street) 

If you’ve never indulged in Mediterranean food before, let Valentine’s Day be your first experience with it. Lokanta specializes in Greek, Turkish, and other regional fare, and it’s quite delicious. They have very nice cocktails to get your dinner started right, and just about every dish is a winner. Most importantly, the atmosphere is open and inviting, making it a great place to unwind with loved ones.

Forno Vecchio (680 Main Street) 

A fine glass of wine in a comfortable environment, a romantic ambiance, and servers who take care of you without bothering you? Those are ingredients for a good special night out, and Forno Vecchio provides them all.

They deal in traditional Italian fare of the fine variety, along with unusual specialty items like squid ink. And do not forget the dessert, because it’s fantastic. The Lava Cake is to die for!  Italian is always a good choice for a romantic dinner, and Forno Vecchio does it right. 

Oasis Grille & Wine Lounge (780 Main Street)

Wine & steak, delicious gyros, tender curry dishes and tasty cocktails: yes, this is a great date night destination. The dim lighting and elegant décor gives this place a romantic vibe. Expect a mix of Mediterranean and Afghan food, all of it cooked to perfection and reasonably priced. And do NOT skip on dessert, because it’s fantastic here!

Nonni’s Bistro (425 Main Street)

Open, modern and elegant, Nonni’s offers a decidedly contemporary dining experience with modern European food and flavor. (For the record, we recommend the duck.)

The vibe here is sleek and active, making it a good stop for couples who prefer to feel “on the go” rather than laid back. Excellent soups, good cocktails, and reasonable prices.  A worthy Valentine’s Day date night destination.