A Grand Tour of Some Pleasantons Outside of California

It may or may not be a surprise for you to discover that there are actually quite a few Pleasantons scattered across the United States. What are they like? How do they compare to our community?

pleasanton iowa
pleasanton iowa

Let’s take a virtual road trip and find out.

Pleasanton, Iowa

Decatur County’s town of Pleasanton was founded in 1854 and is populated by some very pleasant people, but here’s the rub: the population is just 49. Yes, that’s right. This town is just 49 people strong. One of our restaurants on a modest mid-week night has more people in it than that!

Pleasanton, Kansas

Head to the heartland and you’ll end up in the Kansas version of our namesake, a nice little burg of 1,200 people best known for the Civil War’s Battle of Mine Creek, in which 25,000 combatants went at it. It boasts a great antique car museum, plenty of farmland, and of course, some very pleasant people.

Pleasanton, Nebraska

While we’re in the heartland, a trip to Nebraska will bring us to yet another Pleasanton. This one is another tiny village, this time just 341 people. Its name comes from the Pleasant Valley portion of the Loup River, which runs through a small part of the state. It began life as a railroad town and remains one to this day, with a railroad depot in the center of town that has been there since 1890. It’s a nice little village, but we admit, there isn’t much to do here.

Pleasanton, New Mexico

Pleasanton is a popular name, but it looks like not many of the towns that bear the name are very popular. The Pleasanton in New Mexico has a population of just over 100 people, and is not known for much except for the fact that it was once a safe haven for polygamists. So, moving on…

Pleasanton, Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and for the sake of this list that holds true. With a population of about 9,000 and a famed cowboy heritage, Pleasanton, Texas earns the name with a rich history that includes one of the earliest efforts at desegregating schools and lots of cattle. Oh, and none other than Willie Nelson was once a radio DJ here!

Pleasanton, Michigan

Rounding out our list is Pleasanton, Michigan, a town of 800 just off Lake Michigan. It’s a sleepy bedroom community with not much going on and some very cold winters. We think we’ll stay home, thanks!

All in all, it’s easy to see that the things that make Pleasanton, California special truly are special. You won’t find them in any other Pleasantons!

And that makes us a lucky bunch, doesn’t it?