4 Amazing Charitable Organizations Near Pleasanton To Support

We believe Pleasanton is one of the country’s best places to live and work, and we know we are not alone in that opinion.

valley humane society

One of the reasons for that is the fact that the town is filled with amazing people doing amazing things – and yes, that includes some outstanding charitable organizations. Here are four that deserve your support:

Valley Humane Society

One of the best known animal welfare organizations in the region, the Valley Humane Society aims to find homes for animals in need, educate pet owners, provide an array of programs for pets and pet owners, and generally make life better for our furry friends.

They have operated in the Tri-Valley region since 1987, and have done so without receiving any tax dollars or money from national humane organizations.

The Valley Humane Society welcomes donations and volunteers. Volunteers can help care for or foster animals, help with customer service, help run youth programs, and more. 

Children’s Healthy Smile Project

As a dental office in Pleasanton, we can get behind this one! The Children’s Healthy Smile Project is dedicated to promoting good oral health in children. The group provides education kits to children of all ages, offers support for the Head Start program, and other efforts.

The Children’s Healthy Smile Project relies on corporate donations as well as donations by individuals.

Troops Direct

Operating out of neighboring San Ramon, Troops Direct specializes in providing equipment to soldiers in need serving overseas.

Offering more than just food and clothing, Troops Direct also sends medical supplies, hygiene products, and even generators. That is their entire mission: to offer support to those serving overseas with the goods and supplies they need.

Abode Services

Working from nearby Fremont, Abode Services has a simple yet difficult mission: to help eradicate homelessness.

Their method of doing that is to find and provide housing for families that are at risk, and to re-home families that have found themselves homeless. The end goal is to keep families together and get them back on track – in a home.

Abode Services accepts donations of goods and monetary donations, and they also enlist the services of more than 800 community volunteers. They have a wealth of volunteer positions available, from prepping and service meals to tutoring, administrative support, and more.

These four organizations are all worth your attention, and they are only the start. Pleasanton has some of the most generous people you’ll find, people who enthusiastically give their time and attention to those in need. There are many people doing great work in this area, and we couldn’t be prouder of that fact.