5 Spooky Hauntings to See Near Pleasanton This October

Take a walk around Pleasanton today and you’d never guess that it was once called “The Most Desperate Town in the West,” but it was.

kottinger barn pleasanton.jpg

Some even say that much of Pleasanton is haunted. We’ve picked out some of the more interesting sights to see on a tour of haunted Pleasanton. 

Blue Agave Restaurant
625 Main Street

You might know them for their yummy food, but the Blue Agave is also known for being haunted, too! It’s one of the oldest buildings in town, and many years ago was owned by the Arendt family.

Mr. Arendt allegedly still haunts the place, with other apparitions, including one of a young girl, also taking up residence there. 

The Rose Hotel
807 Main Street

This gorgeous Main Street hotel has allegedly had ghosts mess with their lights, move around furniture, and other odd happenings. One worker even claims to have see a man walk down the basement stairs and then through a wall. Pretty weird!

Kottinger Barn
200 Ray Street

Once used as a jail with a secret underground tunnel connecting it to the local justice’s house so prisoners could be transported in secret, the Kottinger Barn is now a gift shop – a shop allegedly haunted by somewhere near 20 ghosts.

The ghosts are supposedly of old criminals and bandits, so they’re probably not the kind of spirits you want to mess with!

Dental Offices
219 Division Street

If you have to have ghosts, they might as well be helpful ghosts.

Built circa the 1880s, the ghosts here supposedly help deliver helpful things around the office and warn the doctors there of danger, including once helping a doctor spot a potentially dangerous fire before it got out of control.

Town Center Books
555 Main Street

We can’t think of a better place to be haunted than a bookstore. So many great opportunities for ghostly shenanigans!

Here, there are said to be floating lights, odd cloudy substances fogging up windows, books getting moved around, and more. Maybe the ghosts are just looking for something interesting to read!