4 Kid-Friendly Places To Eat In Pleasanton

If you’ve ever struggled to find a restaurant that is right for the whole family, kids and all, we feel your pain. Many restaurants are not very accommodating to children.

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To help you avoid the hassles we’ve encountered, here are four places around Pleasanton that are suitable for you and the whole family, with an atmosphere, staff and service that is kid-friendly.

Red Robin - 4503 Rosewood Dr.

Lots of menu options at this gourmet burger chain, with great chicken for kids who don’t like big juicy burgers. Kids are welcome here; the whole place is designed to be accommodating to families.

And because it’s a chain, you know your experience will be pretty consistent. Red Robin is quick, easy, and hassle-free – and we know parents like that!

sweet tomatoes pleasanton

Sweet Tomatoes - 4501 Hopyard Rd.

If you and the family lean towards the vegetarian side of things, you’ll want to add Sweet Tomatoes to your list of places to visit. This is a salad buffet restaurant with just about anything you could want available.

Service is good, but the most important part for families is that Sweet Tomatoes is very affordable. Plenty of variety for healthy eating means you can indulge without guilt.

Alberto’s Cantina - 435 Main Street

When you’re in the mood for a Mexican night, consider taking the family to Alberto’s Cantina in Pleasanton. This place is bustling and energetic, so there’s no chance the kids will get bored.

They boast great drinks for the adults, plus fantastic outdoor seating that is ideal for nice days. Good food, too, that isn’t too hot and spicy but that still tastes authentic. It’s perfect for the whole family.

Erik's Deli - 4247 Rosewood Dr.

Sometimes you just want a good deli sandwich. Erik’s Delicafe, on Rosewood Dr., provides exactly that. It rarely gets crowded, but even more important, it provides that classic deli food and classic deli atmosphere you can only get in a hometown deli.

Places like this are a rarity these days. Fresh sliced meats, old school checkerboard tablecloths, hearty portions. This is what delis are all about!

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