4 Great Escapes Near Pleasanton For You and the Family

4 Great Escapes Near Pleasanton For You and the Family

The name “Pleasanton” says it all, doesn’t it? If you can’t find a place to relax, enjoy time with the family, or to unwind with friends, you’re not trying!

To help you along, here are four great local escapes worth checking out as the weather begins to warm. We guarantee you’ll enjoy them:

niles canyon railway pleasanton

Niles Canyon Railway, 6 Kilkare Rd., Sunol

A museum is one thing, but what about a museum that actually comes to life? One that you can interact with? One that lets you journey back in time to a history we’ve left behind? That’s what the Niles Canyon Railway offers.

Scenic trail rides through Niles Canyon on historic trains is a great way to spend a day. Add in rides that feature beer and wine tastings, educational rides, and much more and you’ll find that there are many ways to enjoy these rides on the rails.

Lions Wayside Park, First and Neal Sts., Pleasanton

Life in Pleasanton just wouldn’t be the same without Lions Wayside Park, one of the premier gathering places for people in the community. The Friday night concerts are of course a major highlight and draw people from throughout the region, but this park is worth visiting on any day of the week. Nice open space, good spots to picnic, and a great spot to throw around a Frisbee and catch some sun.

G&M Farms, 487 E Airway Blvd., Livermore

A little fun in the outdoors with the family is often just what the doctor ordered, and that’s just what you can enjoy at G&M Farms. Enjoy a cornfield maze, a pumpkin patch (both seasonal), farm animals to interact with, pony rides, and much more. They also do field trips for school classrooms. This is a great place to escape with the family, get outdoors for a little while, and maybe even learn a little something (in a fun way).

Rubino Estates Winery, 1188 Vineyard Ave, Pleasanton

A stunning, sprawling facility that looks like it could have been plucked right out of Italy and dropped here in California, the Rubino Estates Winery has won awards and accolades for a reason. Come for a tasting of their wines, or take a tour with a Duck Boat excursion through the vineyards. It’s a lot of fun and full of gorgeous sights to behold. And of course, there are fantastic food and wine pairings to be enjoyed.

5 Great Places in Pleasanton For Valentine’s Day Dinner

5 Great Places in Pleasanton For Valentine’s Day Dinner

There are so many fantastic things about Pleasanton, we could write a dozen articles about them. In fact, we’ve probably written close to that many about our amazing community!

valentine's day dinner idea

Every Valentine’s Day, we’re reminded of another to add to the list: It’s a terrific place for a romantic dinner.

With that in mind, here are five of the places our patients recommend for a good romantic meal. Perhaps we’ll see you at one of these establishments on Valentine’s Day evening! 

Barone’s (475 St John St) 

Cozy, small and romantic, Barone’s makes for a great date night any time of year – so naturally, it’s a good Valentine’s Day destination. The food is good, the atmosphere is nice, and the service is almost always great. You can’t go wrong with their cocktails, either. Great place to snuggle up with a loved one! 

Lokanta (443 Main Street) 

If you’ve never indulged in Mediterranean food before, let Valentine’s Day be your first experience with it. Lokanta specializes in Greek, Turkish, and other regional fare, and it’s quite delicious. They have very nice cocktails to get your dinner started right, and just about every dish is a winner. Most importantly, the atmosphere is open and inviting, making it a great place to unwind with loved ones.

Forno Vecchio (680 Main Street) 

A fine glass of wine in a comfortable environment, a romantic ambiance, and servers who take care of you without bothering you? Those are ingredients for a good special night out, and Forno Vecchio provides them all.

They deal in traditional Italian fare of the fine variety, along with unusual specialty items like squid ink. And do not forget the dessert, because it’s fantastic. The Lava Cake is to die for!  Italian is always a good choice for a romantic dinner, and Forno Vecchio does it right. 

Oasis Grille & Wine Lounge (780 Main Street)

Wine & steak, delicious gyros, tender curry dishes and tasty cocktails: yes, this is a great date night destination. The dim lighting and elegant décor gives this place a romantic vibe. Expect a mix of Mediterranean and Afghan food, all of it cooked to perfection and reasonably priced. And do NOT skip on dessert, because it’s fantastic here!

Nonni’s Bistro (425 Main Street)

Open, modern and elegant, Nonni’s offers a decidedly contemporary dining experience with modern European food and flavor. (For the record, we recommend the duck.)

The vibe here is sleek and active, making it a good stop for couples who prefer to feel “on the go” rather than laid back. Excellent soups, good cocktails, and reasonable prices.  A worthy Valentine’s Day date night destination.

5 Great Places In Pleasanton To Walk Your Dog

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If you want to enjoy a gorgeous day in Pleasanton with your pet, we have good news for you: This is a great place for dog owners to get some outside activity. There are or so many park and trails to explore, you’ll spend an entire summer doing it. 

Here are our 5 suggestions for places to walk to your dog in Pleasanton.

Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

Located off Foothill Road, this sprawling park boasts over 5,000 acres of beautiful natural land. It has a number of great trails for hiking with your dog, and if you’re really ambitious, the park is connected with the Interpark Regional Trails system.

best pleasanton dog walking areas

That means over 150 miles of interconnected trails are waiting for you and your furry friend. We bet they’ll enjoying getting back to nature as much as you will!

Pleasanton Sports Park 

The Pleasanton Sports Park, aka the Ken Mercer Sports Park, offers wide expanses of open flat land that is perfect for power walking, catching some fresh air, and meeting other dog lovers.

Located at 5800 Parkside Drive, the full walk around the park is about two miles, with lots of open grassy fields to explore. There are also plenty of sports fields, which are a perfect place to take a quick break and relax while watching people get their game on.

It’s easily accessible, too, making it a great place to get some activity with your dog without having to take a lot of time out of your day.

Del Valle Regional Park

Does your dog like the water? If so, they may enjoy Del Valle Regional Park, a gorgeous 4,400-acre park that boasts a lake five miles long, a resort, walking trails, and much more.

The park has an area especially made for dogs to go swimming, plus picnic grounds, horse riding, and loads more.

If you want to spend an afternoon out with your dog in nature, or even make a weekend excursion of it, you can’t go wrong here.

Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreational Area 

Located at 2500 Stanley Boulevard, this is a haven for fishing, swimming and boating.

Your dog will enjoy seeing the abundant wildlife here even more than you will, but he or she will likely most enjoy a chance to romp around in the water.

There is plenty of it here for them, too, with great swimming beaches they will love. If you want to get some activity, there are good walking trails to explore as well.

Sunol Regional Wilderness 

If you like to get fully immersed in Mother Nature when you and your dog go for a hike, this is the place for you.

Located off Geary Road, the nearly 7,000 acres of this park features rolling hills, grazing cattle, and beautiful vistas.

Make sure you bring water with you – there is none available in the park – but otherwise enjoy one of the most robust nature experiences in the area. Your dog (and your health) will thank you for it!

Good Guys Car Show in Pleasanton

pleasanton ca dentistIf you’ve been a Pleasanton resident for any amount of time, you’re surely aware of the Good Guys Car Show that comes through each Spring.

We’re especially excited in the office, since our hygienist Susan and her husband Frank have a few vintage cars in it. Make sure to say hello and get us some pictures if you attend!

Information is below and you can get tickets here on the Good Guys home page.

March 24 & 25 – Pleasanton, CA
Fairgrounds – Pleasanton. All years American Powered
Cars & Trucks. AutoCross, Vendors, Huge Swap Meet & Car Corral

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