How Bad is Soda For Your Teeth?

is soda bad for your teethIt’s no secret that soda is monumentally bad for your teeth.

I’ve written about it before on this very blog, and also mention it to patients in our Pleasanton dentist office when I can.

(Do NOT click the link in the following sentence unless you want to see some grim pictures of eroded teeth.)

A recent study highlights the potential of damage of soda to your teeth in even more harsh terms.

The case study looked at the damage in three people’s mouths. One subject was a 29-year-old admitted meth user, and the other person was a 51-year-old who abused cocaine for 18 years.

The third patient drank an excessive amount of diet soda, about two liters a day for three to five years. All three had poor oral hygiene and did not visit the dentist on a regular basis.

Despite three different substance habits, the subjects appeared to have the same types and severity of damage from tooth erosion.

Now, two liters of soda per day is quite a bit, but these results are no less eye-opening.

Also of note is that this was diet soda – the subject wasn’t even exposed to the high sugar levels of the regular stuff…!

As always, avoid soda when you can, and if you must consume it, do your best to use a straw. The less contact with your teeth the liquid has, the better.

Summer Vacation Contest

pleasanton dentist summer vacationWe’re running a summer-long promotion based on vacations!

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Dr. Li at Harvard!

dr roger li pleasanton dentistI spent part of last week away from the Pleasanton dentist office and in Boston, taking a training course in temporal mandibular joint dysfunction and pain diagnosis, as well as new techniques with dental implants.

Boston is a beautiful city filled with a wealth of rich American history. I wish I had more time to poke around, but I did see the Freedom Trail, and was able to eat at several of the great restaurants in town.

I also got a chance to visit the Boston Tea Party site and was thrilled to spend a little time at Harvard University. If you’ve never been to Boston, I highly recommend it!

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Pleasanton Dentist Featured in Hacienda Network

pleasanton dentist hacienda network

Click to enlarge.

I’m proud to tell you that our practice was recently featured on the front page of the latest issue of Hacienda Network.

I’ve linked the article there on the right, with the second portion below. Just click the images to enlarge.

The article goes in-depth on our move to the new office, and my method and intent in its design. We continue to get great feedback from our patients on this new space, and we have to say that we’re all pretty happy here, as well.

pleasanton dentist hacienda network 1I want to thank all our new neighbors for the nice welcome, and for the dose of attention in the form of this article. It’s nice to feel welcomed to the new neighborhood!

Diet Soda and Your Teeth

diet cokeOne of the obvious benefits of diet soda is the lack of calories and sugar found in the regular versions.

This is, unfortunately, nearly the only benefit. It’s marketed as “healthier” than regular soda, and while that may be true, that doesn’t quite make it “healthy”.

I’d like to point to this excerpt from a recent article on the Huffington Post about this very topic to explain why, particularly as it applies to your teeth.

The problems with soda are twofold: first, the sugar content is bad for your teeth (but that fact is pretty obvious).

The second bad part is the acidity, which is quite high in soda pop. Acidic content (aka pH) is measured on a scale of 0 (most acidic) to 14 (least). Battery acid is a 1 on the scale — tap water is a 7 (this may seem backwards, but yes, the higher numbers are less acidic. Blame science.)

Cola measures in the 2.3-2.5 range (1), which means it’s much closer to battery acid than it is water.

Basically, take away the sugar and that acidity remains, and it simply wears down your teeth. It does this so badly that you should even brush until 30 minutes after having any soda, diet or otherwise.

Regarding diet sodas in particular, another common habit is that those who drink them – when freed from the concern of calories and sugar – tend to drink more of them.

The problem, of course, is that you’re still exposing that teeth to the acid.

Stick with water whenever possible!

Tongue Toothbrush

tongue toothbrushThe toothbrush industry has been attaching endless ridges, grooves and other elements to the basic toothbrush at an increasing rate for the past couple of decades.

It’s a competitive market, and anything “new and different” enough could be the thing to draw the eye to any given new product.

Sometimes these additions are even useful, and I’m no opponent to innovation and experimentation.

All of that said, I don’t know what to make of this.

Tongue 2 Teeth is designed for on the go convenience. Each unit has a coating on the inside that kills bacteria on the tongue. As well a coating on the outside that freshens the breath and whitens your teeth.

The product isn’t on the market yet, and who knows if it will be.

I’m not sure what else to add, honestly, but this was too strange not to share with patients of my Pleasanton dentist office.

Petco Gift Card Contest – Pleasanton, CA

pleasanton dogWe’re running a new contest on our Facebook Page centered around pets.

This couldn’t be simpler.

Just tell us the name of your pet (and what kind of animal he/she is) on this Facebook update, and you’re entered. If you don’t have a pet, tell us what name your pet would have if you did have one. (And what it would be, i.e. cat, dog, etc.)

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We’ll pick the winners at the end of March – just head over to this link and leave your answer. (Feel free to share this with family and friends – you don’t need to be a patient to participate.)

Valentine’s Day Heart Contest

DR LI VALENTINESIf you’ve been in the office during the past week, you know that we’re running a contest to guess how many hearts are in the vase you see pictured. (Click it to see a larger version.)

Whoever gets closest without going over will win a dinner and movie date on us.

We’re choosing our winner on February 20th, and you can leave your guess with us in the office, or by leaving a comment on this post on our Facebook Page.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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