Why You Might Get Dental Implants in Pleasanton

dental implants pleasantonMany people consider dental implants in Pleasanton but then change their mind for one reason, or another. Be able to restore your smile with the teeth you’d like to have added. Not only is this a way to change your smile, but a way to change the view of yourself. You should feel good about who you are. Having a great smile can do this for you. Choose to get dental implants in Pleasanton and feel good about the smile once again. Here are the reasons you might want to take the leap and have them put in.

Reasons for Dental Implants

  • You’re missing teeth and you do not want to smile and show those gaps. These gaps are what ruins your smile, but without having teeth there – you will not be opening your mouth in front of people.
  • You want to have your self confidence back again. With the holes where missing teeth are, you do not have this.
  • You want to smile with your whole mouth, not with your mouth closed. When you’re missing teeth, you will find that smiling happens only in dark areas or when you have your mouth tightly closed.
  • You might have a hard time chewing your food completely. This can be a pain to go through and you want to make sure you do not choke. By adding teeth in the missing areas, you can make sure all of your food is completely chewed.
  • You are young and still have a long life to live. You want to make sure that you cover the area that is exposed. You still need to get a job and make the most out of your life, but if you cannot open your mouth fully – or it shows – you will not be at your best.

Whatever the reason is, you might just want the implants. It doesn’t matter what this reason is or how it works, either. By making sure to get the right help, the right implants and the right new smile – you’re on your way to being a whole new person. A person that is able to provide an open mouthed smile that you were not once able to have. So smile at everyone, let them know how you look and let them know just how much you loved the entire process and the new you.

Choose to go with the right dentist in Pleasanton CA to get these implants. This is an ideal consideration to make if you are feeling any of the things listed above. You want to make sure that you’re making yourself feel better overall. This can be done when you find out the next steps needed to get the dental implants that you’d like to have put in.

It can be well worth it when you have the best smile to show off.

Brilliance in One Smile Using a Cosmetic Dentist in Pleasanton

cosmetic dentist pleasantonWhen it comes to restoring a smile, you may feel that it is a bit overwhelming due to the fact that you are unsure of where to go and what it is that you should get done. You know you want a better smile overall, but you are unsure of what questions to ask or what procedures might be the best for the specific results that you are seeking. With the help of a cosmetic dentist in Pleasanton, you’re able to get these results and ask all the questions that you have. So what exactly do you ask when you are sitting there with the Pleasanton dentist?

Here is a list of the top 10 questions to ask your cosmetic dentist in Pleasanton to find out the specific procedure you’re looking to have.

  1. I feel like my teeth are crooked, am I able to get braces or other types of straightening agents through your office, or should I seek the help of a different specialized dentist?
  2. I want to go a few shades whiter but I am unsure of the risks, how long it might take, the price, the procedure itself and if I would be a good candidate and would see any results if I went through with the process?
  3. I want to consider getting an implant in the area that I lost my previous tooth, but I am scared about the procedure. What can you tell me about it?
  4. I have a chipped tooth that makes me feel self conscious, is there anyway that this can be fixed and how would it be fixed?
  5. My teeth have large gaps in between them, can I have this fixed and filled in or do I have to find another method? Can it even be fixed and if so, how?
  6. I don’t like the way my few teeth are shaped. They do not fit in with the rest of my mouth. Can we change them to fit and look better when I smile? How is re-shaping a tooth work?
  7. I want to get new teeth but I currently have teeth that I do not like, can I have them covered some how? What is the veneer process? How does it work and what should I expect?
  8. My gums are large and over powering in my smile. Can you fix this problem? Can we reshape my teeth or gums to give me a more brilliant, radiant smile without all of the gums taking over?
  9. I am missing many different teeth and I worry that people notice. Can I get dentures or some other method for restoring teeth in my mouth, even if they are not my original ones?
  10. I feel self conscious in general about the way my smile looks. Can you take a look and see what can be changed, so we are able to address the problem and I can feel better about my overall smile. I would like to smile with my teeth instead of closing my mouth all the time.

Crooked or Broken Teeth? Try Out Bonding from a Dentist in Pleasanton CA

dentist pleasanton smiling womanThere are a lot of ways to go around having crooked or broken teeth. They might be unsightly and you do not want to worry about not having a great smile with them. This is why speaking with a dentist in Pleasanton CA that is able to provide you with a beautiful smile can provide you with what you need when it comes to fixing your teeth and getting you on your way.

The process of bonding is an easy one that does not hurt and will last a very long time. It is able to repair damaged or cracked teeth easily. Any gaps that are in the teeth, crooked teeth or tooth decay that the teeth have can be covered up when you choose to go with tooth bonding from a dentist in Pleasanton CA. The sooner you find the problem, the sooner you can speak with the dentist about starting the bonding procedure and getting a beautiful smile that you feel confident about.

How it Works

Bonding is a specialized white resin that is placed on the area of the tooth that needs to be fixed. The natural color of your teeth will be matched with the resin in order to get a flawless result. The resin is a flexible material that is able to be applied over the area and molded into the correct position. It is able to be shaped if you want to fix gaps or broken teeth that might be missing. The material is able to harden and bond to the original tooth that is in the mouth. Then the dentist in Pleasanton CA is able to place a UV light over the bonding material to harden it so that it stays in place.

Benefits of Bonding

With so many benefits, you’re going to wonder why you haven’t brought up the process to your dentist in Pleasanton CA sooner.

  • It is a cheaper alternative to putting in veneers or crowns
  • It is a painless procedure that may require a small injection of anaesthetic and it can be quick enough to where you do not feel anything else after the procedure
  • Have several teeth fixed in one sitting with this procedure
  • Bonding can be done by adults and children that are having these oral problems

Bonding is a great procedure that can be done when it comes to restoring your smile. Speaking with your dentist in Pleasanton CA can give you a better idea of the process and how it is able to help you. Dental implants in Pleasanton can also be placed in the mouth and the small areas can be fixed as well. Enhance your self esteem with a better smile overall. By taking care of the problems earlier on, you’re able to stop further problems from happening in the future.

The Benefits of Dental Implants in Pleasanton

dentist in pleasantonIf you’ve been looking into dental implants in Pleasanton, but weren’t sure about whether they are right for you, it may help to learn about a few of the major benefits of this procedure. You may be surprised to learn that implants don’t just improve the look of your mouth, they can have a major impact on its function and even improve the health of the rest of your mouth as well.

  • Improved teeth stability
  • More self-confidence and fuller smile
  • Natural feel
  • A realistic look

Boosted Confidence and Look

Let’s face it, losing your teeth isn’t very glamorous. As teeth fall out and gaps open up it can be embarrassing to smile. Dentures and partials fill this void to a certain extent, but there is still the risk that they will fall out while eating or even while talking. If you get dental implants in Pleasanton they look just like real teeth do. After a few simple procedures you’ll have back your lost teeth and will be able to smile with pride.

Enhanced Function

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to try and eat with dentures or a partial, then you know they aren’t the same as real teeth. Many people who wear dentures avoid tougher foods because they are harder to eat and often uncomfortable as well. Dental implants still don’t feel exactly like real teeth do, but they function very similarly. Many patients that switch from dentures to implants remark at how much better eating is and how much more natural the teeth feel. With implants you can stop avoiding foods and enjoy eating again.

Improved Stability

Not only are dental implants in Pleasanton a great way to improve your smile, they are also important for maintaining the health of your other teeth. As your teeth fall out the risk for future tooth loss increases as well. This is because gaps between teeth can lead to bone loss which causes other teeth to become loose. If you go to a dentist in Pleasanton CA and have him put an implant in the gap, it will help your teeth maintain stability for a longer period of time. This slows tooth loss so that you can enjoy your remaining teeth for a longer time.

Dental implants in Pleasanton are one of the best solutions to lost teeth. They are highly convenient because they never come out, and they function like real teeth. If implants sound like something that you are interested in, go in and see your Dentist in Pleasanton CA and get evaluated to see if they will work for you. They aren’t right for every situation, but many people are happy with the end results. It’s important to learn about the different types of implants as well and which one is the most appropriate for you.

Tips on Choosing the Right Toothbrush From a Dentist in Pleasanton CA

toothbrush pleasantonThere are many, many toothbrushes out there in the world today and you cannot just choose any which one. This is for the simple fact that each of them has a different use and can actually damage your teeth if you choose the wrong one for the job. This can be something to think about. You will want to ask your dentist in Pleasanton CA about how they are able to help you choose the best brush to fit the teeth in your mouth. Here are some tips that they were able to give to everyone out there – children, teens, adults, those with dentures and dental implants in Pleasanton.

Which Type Should You Use?

This is probably the most confusing question that you can ask yourself when it comes to the type of toothbrush that you’re able to use. Consider these tips and tricks when it comes to choosing the right toothbrush for you and what you want.

  • The dentist in Pleasanton CA agrees that you should use a soft bristled brush to remove the build up and plaque from your teeth. Anything harder and you can actually remove the enamel from the teeth which means that you no longer will have a protective layer.
  • Small headed brushes are able to reach in those hard to reach areas such as the spots on the back of your teeth and on the insides.
  • You’re able to choose the handle, shape of the head and style of the bristles based off of what is the most comfortable for you and what you want from it. Reach these hard to get places easily when it comes to using the brush to your advantage.
  • You might want to choose a powered toothbrush instead of a manual powered one and this provides the same type of clean says a dentist in Pleasanton CA.
  • It is important to change your toothbrush every three months, whenever you’re getting over a sickness or if you notice that it is worn down. This is to ensure that your oral hygiene is always as good as it can be and this means ridding yourself of a brush that has built up bacteria on it.

Using the right brush is essential when it comes to brushing your teeth. By visiting your dentist in Pleasanton CA regularly, you’re able to obtain the most out of the brushing schedule that you have. This is an important consideration to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best brush – choose the best for you and the hygiene that you have.

Wisdom Teeth and Their Purpose Told by a Dentist in Pleasanton

pleasanton dentistWisdom teeth are not always a pleasant experience and many times people will have to have them removed instead of just getting new teeth. The area can be sensitive and swollen. This can cause pain where the teeth are coming in and they will then have to be removed shortly after they are through the gum. A dentist in Pleasanton might have to remove them before they even pop through the gum because of a wide assortment of reasons such as infections, crooked teeth or jaw fusion and so on. So if they have to be removed, why are they even there?

Wisdom teeth date back to our earliest ancestors that ate a rough and tough diet and needed the extra back teeth in order to chew the food that they had. Their jaws were also much larger than ours so they had enough room to support the teeth in the back. It is also said that when a tooth was lost back then, these wisdom teeth made it so the other teeth would push forward, making it easier for them to chew.

Today, we eat fewer foods that require more chewing since a lot of it is processed. The food can be cooked to make softer so we do not need the extra help from those back teeth and then evolution has made our jaws smaller because of the foods that we eat. This means that when the wisdom teeth come in – it is more difficult to accommodate them in our mouths. That is when a dentist in Pleasanton might recommend taking them out.

Teeth come and go in stages and this means that some might not come in until later in life – like wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth do not form until around age 10 and then erupt through the gums around 17 to 25 years old. They are known as wisdom teeth because by the age that they come in, we should have gained ‘wisdom’. Some people might have more than four wisdom teeth, while others might not get any at all. Mostly, people only get four and a lot of times than not – they have to be removed by a dentist in Pleasanton.

These teeth are considered useless to use currently so removing them is not a big deal. Not only that, but they can cause a wide assortment of problems in the mouth. They can become impacted or infected while inside the jaw and cause the rest of the teeth to feel the same way. They can also make the rest of the teeth crowded or crooked. Some may not have any problems at all with their wisdom teeth but around 85 percent of those that have them need to have them removed at some point in time or another.

Dental implants in Pleasanton are not needed to replace these teeth, so no extra work is needed to be done. A dentist in Pleasanton is who is able to tell you whether or not your wisdom teeth should be removed or not.

The Dental Implants in Pleasanton Process

antioch dentistEveryone is different and there will be a different reason for everyone to get a dental implant in Pleasanton, but you should still find out the process that you will have to undergo in order to get the most from your smile. The procedure should not be a scary one if you understand and know what is going to happen when you go into the dentist in Pleasanton CA.

The Dental Implant Procedure

You will have to first go into the dentist in Pleasanton CA office where they will find out if you’re a good candidate for the procedure or not. Sometimes there are problem areas that need to be addressed prior to having the procedure performed. These have to be eliminated or taken care of ahead of time.

They will have you go into the dental office or a hospital setting where you will get local anesthesia. This will make it so you do not feel the procedure at all and it is done as an outpatient procedure. This means that you’re able to leave as soon as you wake up and everything is checked out and signed off on. There is no need to spend the night or stay for an extended period.

Once you’re sleeping, they will insert a screw into the gums where the old tooth once was. There are many different methods that can be used for this procedure – the one step or three but with each, the same things are done but in different time periods. The screw may need to heal before anything else is done to the tooth area. This is to ensure that your gums will not reject the screw. This would cause you to go through the process all over again.

From here, they can then screw the tooth into the screw that is placed inside the gums. The tooth is then part of your other teeth. They do not look any different, act any different and can be cleaned and used the same way as normal teeth. Dental implants in Pleasanton are a sought after cosmetic procedure that will make you feel more confident about the smile that you have.

If you’re still feeling fear about the procedure since it can be quite scary – speak with your dentist in Pleasanton CA about what more you should expect regarding pain and the results. They will be able to answer any and all of the questions that you have and put your mind at ease.

Get what you want, when you want when the time comes. You should have the smile you’ve always dreamed about and with the help of dental implants in Pleasanton, you’re able to get it and so much more.

Cosmetic Dentist in Pleasanton Lets You Know How to Brush Around Braces

Bay Area Dentist Speaks Vitamin D for Your Teeth

bay area dentistWhen it comes to the teeth, they are an important role of the body. Heart problems can be a result of tooth decay and it might even be the cause of death in some people. If the infected plaque makes it way into the bloodstream, this can be dangerous for the person. It is important to fully clean and take care of your teeth for your oral health, as well as your overall well-being. Teeth and gums should be regularly inspected by a Bay Area dentist to prevent any problems that might arise. When it comes to the diseases that are out there, having a dentist to stop the destruction before it gets to far can be a very good thing to have.

Since there are dangers that come along with tooth decay, vitamin D is now being increasingly recommended by Bay Area dentists and other dentists alike in the effort to combat and fight off the effects that plaque has on the overall health of a person.

Vitamin D comes from the skin, but the skin has be exposed to ultraviolet B light from sunlight outside. However, there is a lot of talk about not going out in the sun and being able to protect yourself from the sun and so on so this can be a problem when it comes to soaking up some B rays. The next alternative to being able to stay away from skin cancer but move up on the Vitamin D ladder is to purchase supplements over the counter that can give your body what it needs.

Knowing how vitamin D affects your teeth and bones is also something worth thinking about. Vitamin D alone will do nothing unless it is paired with calcium. Calcium cannot be found in the body but you can find it in foods that have high concentrations of the metal in them. Calcium is also a major component that is needed for both teeth and  bones. As a person ages, they will need to keep up their calcium intake to ensure that they remain healthy. Supplements should be taken after age 40 since the calcium in the body starts to decline around this time. On top of supplements, finding the right foods to eat is also essential states a cosmetic dentist in Pleasanton.

By taking both of these supplements together, you’re able to combat many different oral diseases that might come your way. Of course, pairing the supplements with regular dental care and so on is also a good thing to consider. With the proper nutrition and balance, you can have healthier teeth overall. Speak with your Bay Area dentist more about what they recommend when it comes to the health of your gums and teeth and what they can do to help you get the best results.

Considering a Bay Area Dentist for Your Dental Work

cosmetic dentist bay areaWhen you’re considering a Bay area dentist for the dental work that you need to have done, you should consider some factors before you make your decision on which one to go with. Knowing what they provide, how they provide it and whether or not you feel comfortable in their office are all big considerations to keep in mind. The dentist is someone that you have to trust when it comes to the health of your teeth so doing basic research on those that can do the work for you is essential.

Inside the Office

When you’re searching, you have to check out the office before making the overall decision. This is because you want to know what it looks like and how it feels. When you walk in, feeling comfortable is key. You want to know that it is friendly, quiet and that you do not feel out of place. You want to speak with the staff besides the dentist as well. They should be knowledgeable and friendly about meeting you and taking you under their wing for your dental care. You want an office you can trust with your records and your smile.

Speaking with the Bay Area Dentist

When you go in to speak with the dentist, they should be able to give you a warm feeling, a trusting feeling. You want someone that is kind and caring and knows a lot about teeth. Knowledge in this field of work is important, even more so if you’re seeing a cosmetic dentist in Pleasanton. They will be working on your teeth so knowing what to do with them is important. The same would go with a general health doctor that you’re working with.

Concerns or Questions

There are always concerns or questions that might pop up in the back of your mind. Do not be afraid to voice them. This is for the simple fact that you do not want to miss out on an opportunity to know more about their knowledge but also about the plans of action they will take to correct the issues that you’re currently having. You can also ask questions about who they are, where they studied and why they wanted to be a dentist. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can ask.

Once you’ve gone through this process, you should feel confident on which Bay area dentist you should go with for the smile that you have.

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