Valentine’s Day Whitening Special

dentist pleasanton caWith Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we wanted to offer something special.

Between now and February 14th, we’re running what we’re calling our Sweetheart Special.

It’s simple: purchase one bleaching procedure and get the second one FREE. That’s a nice two-for-one special, and an amazing savings. We’re also offering special pricing on single bleaching procedures, if you’re shopping for someone else.

Just email ( or call (925-462-7212) ‎ for more info or to set your appointment.

(Also, the winners of our Amazon Gift Card promotion on Facebook from late last year are Jon heller and Tabetha Burklin. We’ll get in touch with you in case you don’t see this!)

Who is History’s Most Famous Dentist?

pleasanton dentistReading a recent dental study by a prominent member of the dentistry field, I found myself wondering whether any doctors had transcended the industry to become famous on a broader scale.

I found this page of 10 famous dentists, and while I can’t say any were world-famous, there are some significant achievements on this list, including an associate of Anne Frank, a genuine Beverly Hillbilly, as well as one of America’s earliest photographers.

Friedrich “Fritz” Pfeffer
Dr. Samuel A. Bemis
Jan “Le Grand” Boubli
Edgar Buchanan
Dipak Nanalal Chudasama
Martin van Butchell
Chapin Aaron Harris
Peter Kunter
Dr. Markus Merk

Do you recognize any of these names?

(Greeeen is a Japanese pop group, so that would actually be four dentists, if the rumors thy’re all doctors are true.)

One person left off the list that might be more widely known is Doc Holliday, who was a practicing dentist at one time. Another semi-interesting note I found was that the city of Burbank, CA was named after a dentist named David Burbank.

In any case, if you’re interested in history, you might click through and read up on these ten people.

How To Save on Dental Care

pleasanton dentistAmong the many inevitable articles telling you how to change your life in the new year is this one explaining how to save on dental care in 2012.

It’s comprised of the usual list of “compare prices, know your insurance, etc” that are the norm for these.

One thing that’s usually missing from these lists that this one does hit is the best tip of all, and I was glad to see it.

Quite simply, take great care of your teeth.

While it seems simplistic, the best thing you can do to only need to see your dentist for regular cleanings and check-ups is to brush and floss when you’re supposed to.

This has been your direct-and-to-the-point dental tip to get your started for 2012 – you’ll save more money than your can imagine by avoiding preventable problems in your mouth.

Happy New Year!

Who Wrote All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth?

Certain songs are so ingrained in the public consciousness, that one never thinks about the idea that someone actually sat down to write them at some point.

“Happy Birthday” is the primary one that comes to mind, and another would be the Christmas ditty that makes up the title of this post.

Here’s a piece of the song’s history, per Wikipedia:

[The song was] written in 1944 by Donald Yetter Gardner while teaching music at public schools in Smithtown, New York. He asked his second grade class what they wanted for Christmas, and noticed that almost all of the students had at least one front tooth missing as they answered in a lisp. Gardner wrote the song in 30 minutes.

Four years after that, a record company employee heard All I Want at a music teachers conference, and the rest is history.

It shows you how much times have changed that something as sweet and innocent as this could not only have a commercial appeal among adults, but actually reached number one on the pop charts in 1949.

As much as I’d like to think a dentist wrote the song, I can make do with a teacher. I hope you and your have a wonderful holiday season, and please don’t overdo it on the sugar cookies.

Does Your Hair Color Affect Fear?

The other day I was reading this dental advice column that said people with red hair fear the going to the dentist more than others.

Initially this seemed a rather ridiculous claim, but the explanation is interesting, and has to do with a particular gene receptor that is more prevalent in redheads.

The MC1R receptor gene is also found in the brain pathway that processes pain, anxiety and fear. So basically this gene variation alters how redheads perceive pain.

It’s speculated that having the MC1R gene variation makes redheads more resistant to local anesthetic (Novocain) by slightly neutralizing the numbing effect.

There’s more to it than that, but as explained in the context of the study cited in the article it makes some amount of sense.

Of course, “fear of the dentist” isn’t something we want to ever encourage, and I like to think patients of all hair color experience a minor amount of discomfort, even during the most major procedures.

Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card

We’re currently running a deal on Facebook that nets you a free $5 Starbucks card for each time you check-in with your mobile smartphone.

You do this via the Facebook app on your phone when you come in for your appointment. (If you’re not sure how, just ask and we can help.)

If you haven’t Liked us yet on Facebook, you can do so through the link, where you can read the details of the Starbucks deal.

Holiday Hours

Just a quick note about our holiday hours.

We will be closed Wednesday 11/23 through Sunday 11/27, returning on Monday 11/28.

In December, we’ll be closed from 12/22-1/1, and be back in the office on January 2nd, 2012.

If you have an emergency, please do get in touch through our calling service, and we will do our best to help you.

A Vaccine For Tooth Decay?

Researchers have recently revealed a possible vaccine that could prevent tooth decay.

First, a quick education and some information you may already know.

At a basic level, cavities are formed when two types of bacteria feed on carbohydrates left in stray areas of your mouth – these bacteria leave lactic acid waste behind that eats into the tooth. (Again there is more to it than this, but for the sake of this discussion, let’s leave it at that.)

Here’s a possible solution:

The International Association for Dental Research and American Association for Dental Research recently announced a study performed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences which looked at using an inhaled vaccine that uses a protein filament as a delivery vehicle.

Trials performed in rats showed an increase in antibody response along with a decrease in the amount of Streptococcus mutans adhering to teeth, leading to significantly fewer cavities observed among the test population.

The filament delivery system is widely believed to be the reason this vaccine will succeed. The vaccine still needs a bit of tweaking before being implemented in humans, but other technologies are advancing to protect your teeth from cavities, including a genetically modified strain of Streptococcus mutans incapable of producing lactic acid that is currently in clinical trials.

Needless to say, this would be an interesting development and a major change in the way oral care is administered. The implications worldwide – especially for impoverished nations without proper dental facilities – could be monumental.

Theodent: The Chocolate Toothpaste

theodent chocolate toothpasteI try not to dismiss any potential dental advancement without some form of examination, but what follows will be tough in that regard.

A company in Louisiana has developed a new toothpaste based in…chocolate. (Link is to their Facebook Page.)

They claim that by stripping out fluoride and basing their formula in chocolate, the product will actually remineralize teeth and strengthen enamel.

It seems dubious, but one can’t deny they have a good marketing hook. Watch the report and let me know in the comments whether you would consider trying it:

Can A Dentist Fix Bad Breath?

There are few things more troubling than having (or the fear of having) bad breath, and while many people think that a quick rinse of mouthwash or some strong mint-flavored gum will solve the problem, these are often just band-aids for the real problem.

If you suffer from chronic bad breath, definitely go see your dentist. While the five tips below may solve your problem, as you’ll read, there may be something else in play, as well.

1) Be Consistent. Set up a regular oral health regimen wherein you brush your teeth at least twice a day, and also after eating. This may sound basic, but consider it the foundation. Don’t allow the fact that you fell asleep watching television or reading to get in the way of brushing and flossing. Food remnants contribute to bad breath – it’s a fact!

2) See Your Dentist Regular checkups and cleanings twice per year will keep you up-to-date on potential problems and address areas you may be missing in your regular regimen.

3) Don’t Smoke. I don’t feel a need to elaborate here…!

4) Drink Water. This helps to wash away food particles and other buildup, and also promotes the production of saliva, which further keeps your mouth clean.

5) Be Aware of What You’re Eating. Garlic, onion, and other strong smelling foods cause bad breath – the smell can and may creep up from your stomach during digestion.

This all may seem like common sense, but a refresher can help now and then. If you feel none of these tips address your problem, you may have something else going on, in which case your dentist will help you find it.

Dry mouth, periodontal disease, and other issues can cause bad breath, as well as far more serious problems – don’t let the issue linger.

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